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Product & Safety

Have Moon Breeze Mercantile clothes been safety tested?

Our products have been independently safety tested by a consumer products safety testing bureau.

Do Moon Breeze Mercantile products contain lead?

No way! Our products have been thoroughly tested and all of our products meet lead safety standards.

 Do you add flame retardants to any of your clothing?

No, we do not use any flame retardants on any of our garments. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) mandates that children’s sleepwear sizes 9-12M and up be either tight fitting OR treated with flame retardants. Moon Breeze Mercantile follows the tight fitting mandate (so as not to use chemicals on our fabrics). This means that the fit on our larger sizes will be more snug than the fit on our smaller sizes.  For sizes under 12 months, legs will be slightly long to accommodate the optional fold-over cuff - giving your baby longer wear out of their PJs!

What is the best size for my little?

Understanding the best size for your baby should be as easy as a diaper change in our double zip onesie!  If you think your little is in between, we suggest to size up to get longer wear out of your PJs.  Our larger sizes will fit snugly as they are not treated with flame retardants - no chemicals on your baby's skin!

Can I make a return?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!  If you're not totally satisfied and wish to make a return, please email us at and we will be happy to help. Moon Breeze charges customers $5 for return shipping and processing. Return fee may vary based on shipping costs for multiple return items.

  • It's Art!

    We partner with local watercolor artists to develop playful prints you won’t see anywhere else. State-of-the-art printing ensures the colors pop, bringing all our jammies to life.

  • Thoughtfully designed

    We have two kids under four years old—we get it. We use double-zippers for easy changes. Fold-over cuffs to keep hands and feet warm. No snaps or ribbons!

  • High quality

    Our products are long lasting and improve through washing cycles. We use the highest quality cotton that provides that soft and silky feel.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    These will be your go-to pajamas. Don’t just take our word for it, try our pajamas for 30 days, and if you’re not loving them, we’ll take them back.

Hi, we're

Moon Breeze Mercantile

We’re on a mission to create distinctive, imaginative, and functional baby apparel that’s as much of a joy to wear today as it’ll be to look back on tomorrow.

Our Story

The idea for Moon Breeze Mercantile was born right along with our first daughter. We were gifted some pajamas in truly adorable prints, with bows, and ruffles – but we quickly realized we wanted to dress our daughter in a more unique, artistic, and modern way.

So we set out to create cool and functional pajamas–-no more middle of the night snaps. We partnered with local artists to develop prints that captured the good vibes of our own childhood experiences. We’re excited to share these new classics with you!

Our Founders

Dalia and Blake Seltzer met during their MBA studies at NYU Stern. Their amazing partnership translated seamlessly from marriage and raising two kids, to starting a business together. Dalia's retail background coupled with Blake's finance and consulting experience, and their love for their kids is the foundation of Moon Breeze Mercantile.

Dalia and Blake live in Westhampton, New York. The care-free summer days of sun, sea, and surf in the Hamptons inspired our first collection “Out East” and our name, “Moon Breeze”, is a reference to our eldest daughter Jordan’s favorite bedtime story.